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Kafue National Park

This is Africa’s third largest National Park and it covers an area of over 22,000 square kilometers in Western Zambia. It is very large by any standards and although it is Zambia’s oldest Park it is still relatively undeveloped and always gives a feeling of a true African wilderness.

The Kafue River and its numerous tributaries supply water to a diversity of habitats, with extensive riverine woodland opening out at intervals to wide grassy plains. Termite mounds, palm islands and impressive fig trees punctuate these plains.

The Busanga is a vast floodplain system in the north-west of the Park fed by the Lufupa River.  There are some camps in this region which are open in the dryer months of June to November. Kafue has seen increased investment in recent years and there are now several operators who are working hard to re-establish the Park’s great reputation.

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Where to stay – Kafue National Park

Below are some of the accommodation options found in Kafue National Park; please note that there are other lodges and camps that have not yet been included on our site but they are on our list of places we recommend and sell.

Kaingu Safari Lodge

Unfortunately the hardest part about this camp for international guests is the access; the usual way of getting here is by road from Lusaka although charters are also possible. Once you do arrive you are rewarded with a beautifully built little camp in a remote and idyllic bit of bush. Set on the eastern bank of the Kafue River, Kaingo comprises just 4 meru-style safari tents and one family house that has two bedrooms sharing a bathroom. All accommodation units have lovely private decks overlooking the river.

Activities are mainly water based although day and night game-drives are possible and also walks inside the National Park. The game is not as good here as many areas of Zambia or even some other parts of the Kafue so this is perhaps better for the pleasure of parking off in a quiet corner of Zambia and spending time fishing or drifting down this idyllic stretch of river.

  • 4 Meru-style safari tents under thatch on raised rosewood      platforms
  • 1 family house (4 beds) with own private deck
  • Open all year round
  • Children welcome
  • Accessible by either road or air (airstrip closed in the      rainy season December to March)

Mukambi Safari Lodge

Set in the central area of the Kafue, this camp is most easily accessed by road transfer from Lusaka. It is a middle budget property well suited for those wanting an initial taste of the Kafue. There are 7 brick and thatch chalets plus two riverside family villas. Activities are as one would expect, a mixture of game-drives, walks, fishing and boating.

  • 8 luxury chalets, 2 bedroom family villa and 7 safaris      tents with thatched roof
  • Swimming pool overlooking the Kafue River
  • Solar power and oil lamps
  • Children 9 years and older welcome
  • Activities include, game drives, boat and sunset cruise,      walks and fishing trips
  • Accessible through Chunga Airstrip then road transfer of      about 30 minutes
  • Or by road – 275km west of Lusaka on the Mumbwa/Mongu Road

Busanga Plains Bushcamp

Mukambi operates a small bushcamp in the northern part of the Busanga Plains, the transfer from Mukambi is about 5 hours although it would be possible to fly into the Busanga airstrip and arrange for a helicopter transfer. The camp comprises 4 tents set on wooden decks. This camp is positioned on a lovely palm island close to where the Lufupa River emerges from its Papyrus swamps and onto the plains themselves. This is a beautiful area littered with Lechwe and Puku; Lions are common and this is one of the few areas that you may get to see cheetah.

  • 4 tents with private deck
  • Open 01 June – 30 November
  • Solar and paraffin lamps only
  • Road transfer through the Park from Mukambi – 5 hours

Kapinga Camp 

This camp changed position in 2010; it got moved from its original location on the western edge of the Busanga Plain to an area south of the plains. This means that it is easier to combine this camp with the other 2 Wilderness camps in the northern sector – Shumba and Busanga bush Camps.

  • 6 tents
  • open 01 May – 04 January
  • Children 6 years and older welcome
  • Transfers from Busanga Airstrip – 20 minutes helicopter

Lufupa Tented Camp

Set on the confluence of the Lufupa and Kafue rivers, this is an exciting area of the Kafue National Park. There is more variety in the activities on offer than you will find further north on the Busanga Plains where driving is your only real option. At Lufupa one can drive or walk as well as enjoy activities on the rivers; the riverine vegetation in this area also gives rise to more diversity of game-viewing.

  • 18 beds – 9 tents with a family and 8 twins
  • Open 01 May – 04 January
  • Children 6 years and older welcome
  • Transfers from Lufupa Airstrip adjacent to camp or a 3      hour road transfer from Lusaka

Shumba Camp

One of the Wilderness Safaris Premier Camps, it accommodates 12 guests in as much luxury as you are going to find in the Kafue. The rooms are joined to each-other and the central area by raised wooden walk-ways, which means that you literally don’t touch the ground when you are in and around camp.

The rooms are very spacious with showers both inside and out; they have well designed sitting areas in front of each room which are still raised off the ground giving a good perspective of the plains surrounding camp.

The camp is set on one of the islands that pops up from the plains and is covered with fig trees; there are a couple of very impressive specimens here that add shade to the whole affair.

Activities are restricted to driving safaris as the area, essentially one very large open plain, is not exactly ideal for walking.

  • 6 tents
  • Open 01 May – 04 January
  • Children 6 years and older welcome
  • Transfers from Busanga Airstrip – 15 minutes helicopter