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Botswana offers some of Africa’s top safari experiences for visitors. The vast areas of wilderness in pristine condition are home to huge herds of game, roaming unrestricted between the Kalahari’s plains and the waterways of the Okavango. A Botswana safari holiday is therefore perfect for those who enjoy the wilderness.

With its network of private ‘concessions’ dotted with just a handful of small, well-designed safari lodges, Botswana safaris offers near exclusivity. Whether you’re watching lions stalk their prey, or taking a magical mokoro trip along narrow, reed-lined channels, you’re unlikely to come across any other visitors in most of the private game reserves. The game here rarely disappoints, the birdlife can be spectacular, and night drives are a compelling further option. But all this comes with a high price tag: a holiday to Botswana’s safari areas is relatively expensive.

Where to go on Botswana safari holidays

For most people thinking of a Botswana safari holiday, the Okavango Delta springs to mind. And rightly so: this is the place which hosts Botswana’s greatest concentration of different environments. Yet the patchwork of ecosystems that makes the Delta so fascinating is found all over northern Botswana. So by all means focus on the Okavango Delta, but explore beyond this area and you will leave with a much broader picture.

Even within the Delta, there are plenty of options for visitors. Besides the Moremi Game Reserve, there is also an extensive network of private reserves that offer exclusive game-viewing safaris. Similar levels of big game are to be found in the private reserves clustered around the waterways of the Kwando and Linyanti Rivers, and the nearby Selinda Spillway, as well as beside the busier Chobe Riverfront. Further south, Savuti is a magical spot for mobile safaris, with fewer visitors.

Fringing the Delta’s western perimeter, the Okavango River gradually widens into a huge, deep river that’s known as the Okavango Panhandle. This area doesn’t have the game densities of most other areas in the Okavango, but is nevertheless interesting in its own right and can be more affordable.

No mention of a Botswana safari would be complete without the vast, flat saltpans at the heart of the Kalahari, host to fleeting herds of game and big, open skies, and encompassing the truly remote Central Kalahari Game Reserve.

Chobe National Park

The Chobe National Park covers about 11,700km² of the northern Kalahari, much of it impenetrable thorn bush growing on deep sand. This is an old safari area. Livingstone visited it in the 1850s, as have countless big-game hunters since. It’s famous for huge herds of elephant and buffalo, and large prides of lion that have learnt to hunt them; for a river that apparently flows both ways; and for the mysterious, disappearing (and reappearing) Savuti Channel.

The key to this safari area is Chobe’s animal migrations. Chobe’s animals move in complex, ancient patterns determined by the rain and available food. Within Chobe National Park there are two areas with a few luxurious private lodges: the Chobe Riverfront and Savuti Marsh.
Just contact us and we will work with you to come up with a Botswana Safari Package which suits your interests and budget. It is also possible to have a safari package which combines Zambia and Botswana.